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Operational Demands with VeriTap™!

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VeriTap™ simplifies Insurance, Medicare, and Corporate Program participation

by automating data collection and reporting in Real-Time, resulting in timely and accurate reimbursements.

"Partnering with Concierge Health was a natural fit. Veritap had operationally-efficient solutions that allowed us to implement their platform in all of our studios, for all our brands with ease.”
—Garrett Marshall, Xponential Fitness

“Partnering with Concierge Health and leveraging their vast platform is a natural fit for any fitness location. Implementation of their VeriTap™ device provides an operationally efficient solution that assists operators in maximizing revenues from thirdparty programs as well as essentially eliminating all the costs of managing the programs. This solution allows health clubs to easily expand the number of programs they offer, which ultimately increases the location’s profitability.”
—Jeff Skeen, Former CFO/CIO, Gold’s Gym
International and Former CEO, Fitness Connection

Your Members want to WIN PRIZES for their workouts— It’s FREE for both you and your members to participate!

Your new VeriTap device not only allows ALL of your members to win prizes and earn benefits, but it also simplifies Insurance, Medicare, and Corporate Program participation. VeriTap™ instantly verifies eligibility and collects check-in and Program Member data information to ELIMINATE revenue losses and operational demands!

Streamline & simplify check-ins & program member data collection

Save time with quicker & more accurate report submissions

Rely on full transparency into program performance & reimbursement amounts

Get FREE shipping when you order your FREE VeriTap!